ARC TC-IWP presents joint study with AEB to European winemakers

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A joint study between the University of Adelaide and wine biotechnology company AEB group was set up to work on enhancing aroma production during white wine fermentation. Dr Joanna Gambetta and University of Adelaide PhD-student Liang Chen and ARC TC-IWP PhD-student Federico Tondini have been working on this project with their focus being on yeast selection, as well as enzyme and amino acid additions. The project investigates the effects of different winemaking tools on Australian-grown grapes, to obtain a better understanding on how to modulate tropical aromas during fermentation.

Federico Tondini and Liang Chen are presenting their combined research findings at the AEB technical conventions in France in April, and in Italy and Spain in May. This activity provides an important opportunity for these students to engage with industry, work on project management skills, present their findings to international winemakers and develop new tools for the Australian wine industry.


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