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ARC TC-IWP publishes study on the impact of bottle aging on smoke tainted wine

ARC TW-IWP dr Renata Ristic has published her work on the impact of bottle aging on smoke tainted wine. The study aimed to investigate the stability of smoke taint in bottled wine, by determining changes in chemical composition and sensory properties of smoke affected wine after 5 or 6 years in bottle. Changes were seen in […]

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ARC-TC IWP visits Chilean wine regions after bushfires

Dr Renata Ristic and Lieke van der Hulst have been invited by the Chilean wine industry to share their knowledge on smoke taint.   Following bushfires in several wine regions throughout Chile an invitation was extended from Vinos de Chile to the ARC-TC IWP to share knowledge on the effects of smoke exposure on grapevine health, grape […]

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