Driving over the long weekend?

Please drive safely and take it easy on the roads.

Road safety and trauma experts at the University of Adelaide are calling on motorists to be extra careful on the roads this Easter.

Researchers from the University’s Centre for Automotive Safety Research (CASR) say there are many contributing factors to vehicle accidents, especially during long weekend holidays like Easter.

“Research shows that most crashes happen to ordinary people making ordinary mistakes – it is not just about extreme behaviour,” says Professor Mary Lydon, Director of CASR.

“More than 15% of crashes are thought to involve fatigue, which is a very high risk during holiday weekends.

“With young drivers, there are mutliple factors to be aware of. Young drivers are at greatest risk of having an accident in the first 12 months after getting their P plates. They are at higher risk when they have two or more young passengers.

And those in rural areas are at more than twice the risk of being killed or seriously injured than those in Adelaide.”

Professor Lydon has also repeated warnings about incremental increases in speed.

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