Writing Centre Workshops

Academic Learning Workshops are run by the Writing Centre for students throughout the Semester.  The sessions are free, see the list below for details about upcomming session times, dates and locations:

The Top 10 exam tips brought to you by experienced students:

1. Make sure you know exactly where your exams are being held.
2. Make sure you know when your exams are being held and set reminders.
3. Plan your transportation well in advance.
4. Bring your student ID. It is a requirement to have identification.
5. When you get to the venue, there will be an exam list posted next to the door, check the details carefully.
6. Bring your own watch. The main clock may be hard to see from afar.
7. Label each exam booklet properly, otherwise it won’t get marked.
8. Bring a ruler to avoid getting your numbering wrong.
9. All drink bottles and food containers must be clear.
10. Wear comfortable clothes.

Maths in Exams: Doing an exam well & tips for a successful maths exams
Date: Friday 07 June
Time: 12.10pm-1.00pm
Location: Flentje Lecture Theatre

See the UniStep publication for details about all of the Sessions this Semester.

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