International Student Profile

Student Name: Renjie Du
Program: Mechatronics Engineering (Honours) and arts

Educational program & interests / career goal.
My name is Renjie Du, and I come from Hebei, China in Oct 2009. I am a fourth year student of Mechatronics Engineering (Honours) and arts. I am an outgoing person, and like hanging out with friends. I also enjoy being physically active, trying to spend more time playing badminton and other sports.
My long-term goal involve growing in the Engineering industry where I can apply what I have learned from the University, continue to learn when I am working, and contribute my values back to the community and the industry.

Why chose University of Adelaide?
Compare to metropolis like Sydney and Melbourne, Adelaide is smaller and quieter, and therefore it makes it easier for students to focus on study. A smaller community also makes it easier to get involved into it and making friends. The establishment of new, world-renowned institutions cements Adelaide’s pace as Australia’s learning city.

Learning Experience at University of Adelaide (UoA)
The studying experience in the University of Adelaide is unique to me as learning in here is not purely remembering every single word that the lecturers and tutors tell us. Instead, We studied from our peer students, from the massive book collection in Barr Smith Library, from the invited guests and speakers to the University, as well as from clubs and associations in the University.
The thing that I benefit most from studying here is that I learned how to study and work as a group, using the team’s intelligence and power to achieve goals that we can never achieve if we work alone.

Cultural Diversity at University of Adelaide
Students and ideas from all cultural backgrounds are equally respected and acknowledged in this University. There are different culture appreciation clubs in the university and multicultural events that helps to understand and experience all cultures. We students coming from overseas could take more of these opportunities to build up our confidents and get more involved into the community.

Best Moment at the University
The team working experiences in UoA is unforgettable to me. People from different backgrounds, of different skills and personalities have the opportunities to work on tasks together. Currently I am doing my engineering honours project with my three other friends, Sebastian, Toby and Ryan. We have totally different personalities but we are all working hard on the design and build of a flying robot for maritime applications. Working with my friends for a project that I love is the definitely the coolest thing ever.

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