Need for Language Exchange

Are you interested in sharing your language with domestic students and in turn learn Aussie culture?

Well, this is something worth checking out, then!

The Language and Cultural Exchange (LCE) Program run by the International Student Centre (ISC) is looking for students who speak any of these languages – German, French, Indonesian, and Japanese!

The program is a good way to develop global friendships for international and Australian students, and there are regular social gatherings offered by the program.We have a number of Australian students registered in the program, who wish to learn other languages – particluarly German, French, Indonesian and Japanese and would like to exchange language and culture with students from the above background.  Please register for this program to join our exciting LCE Events and view photos from the previous events.

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2 Responses

  1. YONGHA LEE says:

    Why not add Korean and Chinese? Also missed Spanish…………..

    • Ben Chandler says:

      We do offer Chinese and Spanish. Unfortunately, no Korean (as Korean isn’t taught at the University of Adelaide), but there is a Korean night coming up as part of the LCE program! If you’d like to get involved, please register or email