Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) 2014

Peer Assisted Study Session (PASS) is to enable students to understand the key concepts of the study course and achieve their best results. The sessions are led by experienced students or PASS leaders, who have mastered the course and want to help new students learn how to succeed.

It gives students the chance to meet in small groups with other students in the same course to compare notes, discuss concepts and develop academic skills for ongoing learning and success. PASS Leaders respond to the needs of the students in an informal environment where students can ask questions and gain strategies for learning and revising course material. The focus of each session is determined by the needs of the group.

The great thing about PASS is that it isĀ FREEĀ and you don’t need to sign up! Check out the session times and simply turn up at the one that best suits you. You can attend as much or as less sessions depending on your needs. However, regular attendance gives the chance to get to know other students and feel comfortable asking questions.

In Semester 1, 2014, PASS will be attached to select courses within the following Faculties:

  • Engineering, Computer & Mathematical Sciences (ECMS)
  • Professions
  • Sciences
  • Health Sciences

Please refer to the PASS courses and session times webpage to check out the timing and venue for these courses.

For further information on PASS refer to their website or email Audrey Stratton, who is the supervisor for PASS.

All the Best!

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