LCE Indonesian Night

by Alyse

We were fortunate enough on Friday to have a wonderful group of Indonesian students who organised the entire event (more or less) by themselves. Rumours Café looked incredible with the colours of red and white adorning the walls and ceilings; these two colours were chosen because they match the red and white in the Indonesian flag. Some people played dress-ups with ornate, traditional Indonesian costumes, and they enjoyed flitting around in the finery of the fabrics.

Once again, the vibe was absolutely electric and it continued to spread as more people began to arrive. The evening began with a short presentation about Indonesia, and then we were very fortunate to have a number of performers who were very eager to share some of their traditional dances. The long hours it must have taken to practise all of the choreography was evident and the dances were absolutely captivating.

After these presentations, we ate dinner of Nasi Goreng, vegetarian noodles, and chicken. The food was good but the company of friends all eating together was what truly made the meal.

The after dinner games allowed for lots of laughter, both for those who were involved as well as those who watched from the sides. In the relay we played an Indonesian game where the first person in the team has to run to retrieve a piece of fabric. The person then returns to their team and has to link arms with the rest of their teammates and then pass the fabric down the chain, all the while keeping their arms linked. Some teams were more competitive than others, but all in all it was quite an amusing activity. It became a little crazier when we attempted the same game with a full circle of people – the mirthful merriment was contagious.

As always, dancing was involved. The last part of the night included everyone being taught a dance unique to Indonesia. There were a few people who were more coordinated than others, but it was wonderful to see a large proportion of our students getting involved. Even if not everyone could keep up with the steps, they were at least able to pretend they knew what they were doing.

The smiles that shone from everyone’s faces were the only indicator necessary to see that the night was a great success. A huge, heart-warming terima kasih (thank you) needs to be extended to all of our Indonesian students who helped with the setup, organised the activities, taught us some useful phrases in Indonesian, and brought such energy to the event. Everyone was truly grateful for all of this hard work.

Just a reminder that if you are interested in being invited to our events for next semester you will have to re-apply to the Language and Cultural Exchange Program.

If you are interested in coming along to our LCE events, it is free to join up! Just head here for more information.

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