Review: Adelaide University May Writers’ Installation

by Shrompy

Did you go down to see the Writers’ Installation from 29-30 May 2014, in the room beside The General in the Hub? I did! And it was quite an eye-opener.

Any passer-by would think it was just another Art Installation: things hanging from the ceilings, artefacts and art pieces cluttering the tables, pictures on the walls… There was no banner or sign prominently advertising what it was about. Maybe that was on purpose — to force audience interaction with the art works. One had to go up close to read the works, or to find out what the Installation was about. Of course, if you were connected to writing groups, departments, or the Humanities Facebook page, it is likely you would not have been as baffled as the ordinary passer-by.

It was interesting to see writing displayed and installed physically, like works of art akin to those in museums. Many were interactive (e.g. jigsaw puzzles or edible jam), while others could be read or heard.

It is normal for writers to experiment with their writing; for example, writing a fictional story to comment on real world events, combining fact and fiction in a ‘fake’ history, adding photos or other media into a book or novel, or creating a fictional world to comment on the state and practices of writing itself. It is also common for poetry and other writing to be performed with music or by actors, or to be read out by the author.

Hence, crossing the border to merge writing with other forms is interesting — to literally take writing as an art form and turn it into physical works of art!

If you have missed out, go to for pictures! There are also many pictures on the Humanities Facebook page!

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