Tour Opportunity: Naracoorte & South East Tour

Tour Includes:2 Breakfasts, 3 lunches, 2 dinners, 2 nights accommodation (male and female rooms and bathrooms) & all fees

All special dietary requirements catered throughout the tour

TOUR DATE: July 7th, 8th and 9th 2014
Special Study Adelaide price: $270 per person
More information: Jayne — (0414 929 848)

Day 1
After departing Adelaide at 8.00 am we arrive in Naracoorte to be welcomed by a representative from the Naracoorte Caves. After lunch, there will be a talk on the World Heritage management of the only site on the planet that has a continuous fossil record spanning the past 500,000 years as well as behind the scenes tour through the laboratories. Later in the afternoon we will visit the Victoria Fossil Cave. This cave is central to the World Heritage listing of the park and site of the largest deposits. We will visit the main Fossil Chamber and learn the history of the region as revealed by the fossils . We then head to the Wonambi Fossil Centre. The knowledge gleaned from the fossil deposits has been used to recreate the Naracoorte landscape, as it would have appeared 200,000 years ago. In the evening an Aussie BBQ will be provided around a bon-fire. After dinner an evening visit to the Bat Cave will take place to witness over 35,000 bats exit the cave. Overnight accommodation is in very comfortable rooms located within the Naracoorte. Caves National Park.

Day 2
After breakfast we visit South Australia’s second largest town – Mount Gambier. The city is set in a unique and ancient landscape of volcanic craters, lakes, sinkholes and mysterious underground waterways. A highlight will be the opportunity to walk around the famous “Blue Lake” crater as well as exploring the some amazing sink holes. Before making our way back to Naracoorte, time will be spent tasting fine wines in the famous “Coonawarra” wine region. Overnight at Naracoorte Cave National Park.

Day 3
This morning we will spend time helping in sifting of fossils. Working on the digs allows the discovery of fossil that will give a unique window on the climate, vegetation and environment of the time when these animals lived, as well as a better understanding of the evolution of the Australian fauna. After lunch we make our way back to Adelaide via the spectacular Coorong with a special few stops along the way.

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