TRAVEL (interstate) / ADL

by Shrompy

Exams are just over and you find that you don’t really know what to do with yourself. Of course you can amuse yourself by stalking KrispyKreme for free doughnuts for a few days.. However, quite a few people do take the opportunity to travel during the short break between Semesters.

Considering the size of Australia, there should be no end to what you can do and where you can do it. Perth is a nice place with lots of touristy places (like rocks and deserts and other nature) and must-eat seafood that is cemented by a sparkling meandering river. Close by, Melbourne is the nearest hip place to be with lots of al fresco cafés, interesting trams and skiing. A little further, Sydney is the hippier place to be with even more things to do (e.g. Bridge to Bridge Marathons or oogle at the Harbour/Opera House for the umpteenth time) for a full experience of a more real city-life, although many people have told me to stop walking around alone at night. Brisbane is possibly for sun-and-surf, the Gold Coast and other touristy spots. And you can rock climb, indoors and outdoors, at all of these places. There’s of course, Canberra and Ayers Rock and Tasmania where there are more deserts, hills, mountains, nature, rocks, shops and food. Maybe even sky-diving! But do check the weather before going up the mountains! Driving in fog in Tasmanian mountains in freezing temperatures was liberating in its own sense.. It was also hilarious to see everyone else jump out of their cars, take a ‘Yay! We are at the peak of the mountain’ photo in 1 second, and jump back in.

Every trip is always an adventure, but that doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot. Get your plane tickets early to save money, or travel on Budget airlines like Tiger, Jetstar or Scoot. There are also interstate coaches (bus) and trains, although cheaper, takes a realllll long time to get there. Stay in backpackers like YHA [they are having a sale now], or billet with your friends and family. Go on a road-trip or hire a car to save on exorbitant public transport fares. Or just walk, really. I find that remembering to buy ‘return’ or ‘day trip’ passes for public transport saves you a few dollars. Although being an interstate University Student may not always grant you concession or student prices, it is always good to ask or to state that you are one—you just might get it! Then, set a budget for food and shopping and enjoy yourself!

Of course, not everyone has the money to go somewhere. In my years here, I’ve been interstate only once a year, on a tight budget, taking the coach (10 hours-24 hours journey) and billeting with friends and family. For those who have been left behind, fret not! There’s always something to do in Adelaide. Go explore different mountains, check out festivals and various markets, pick up a sport or visit a random place on the map that you haven’t been to (e.g. Corny Point… you get the drift). Go on long hiking trips, visit the natural parks/reserves/lakes, or drag your friends out for a swim or cycle or meal. Close to the city, there are places like Hyde Park, Norwood, Magill, Unley, Mount Barker, Hindmarsh, and West Croydon waiting for you!

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