Welcome to Week 2

by Shrompy

Congratulations! You’ve survived the (or another) first week of Uni!

If you have decided on your courses, remember to always check MyUni and your student email for updates about your course. Course guides can usually be found on MyUni and they are useful for knowing what the lecture topics or assignments are.

If you need Course Readers, they can be ordered online (sign in to Unified, click ‘online shop’, then search your course name). Readers can be picked up on Level 1 of the Hughes building.

Take notes during your lectures on the powerpoint handouts that you’ve diligently printed beforehand (if they are available), or in a notebook. Research has shown that students who take notes on paper learn better because they learn to summarise the content as they cannot note the lecture word-for-word! Exams are usually hand-written as well, so it can be a good practise.

Remember to put aside some time each day to prepare for a tutorial/workshop/seminar or lecture by reading the required readings/articles. Making notes in the margins or highlighting the main points of each paragraph can help in information retention and comprehension. Summarising the whole article or each section/heading in 1-3 sentences can also help.

If you need help, head down to the area near the Level 3 Hub stairs to the Library from 10am-4pm on Weekdays — the Mathematics Learning Centre and the Writing Centre can help you with Mathematics and English. Different faculties also offer help, such as the PASS program, or special help areas for Year 1 students (e.g. Nexus’ 24-hour computer suite where you can receive help during a set time for Economics subjects).

Of course, you have to enrich other areas of your life apart from studying. If you are looking to join a club, watch out for the Club stalls this week from 4-7 August 2014! AUU is the place to go for clubs and The Blacks for sports .

Have fun!

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