LCE Chinese Night Write-Up

by Alyse

After a week without an event, the Language and Cultural Exchange Program returned to host Chinese Night! We had Diana as our event manager for this evening. As the whole idea of the event, it was really great to see the interaction between our domestic and our international students.

To start the evening we had Lucinda (Shuyuang) give us a presentation about Chinese culture. She gave an overview of the culture but highlighted the fact the Moon Festival is happening this month. Because there is this festival at this time of year, we had some moon cakes for everyone to try later in the evening.

We were fortunate enough to have Chinese Dance Academy to do a traditional Chinese dance for everyone and we would like to thank them for their involvement at the event. We would like to thank Amy.

One of our Chinese PhD students, Alvin came along to educate everyone on martial arts (Wu Shu). He says he learnt this skill originally in order to impress girls at university. A large number of the people who attended were definitely very impressed with his efforts.

For the dinner feast there was a mixture of stir fry noodles and beef. For our vegetarians we had the delicious option of steamed vegetables to add to their noodles as well. Despite being quite simple and the beef being a little salty, everyone enjoyed talking over the meal and trying to learn a few phrases in Chinese (for those who weren’t already adept at the language).

As a special treat we had some moon cakes (yue bing) to celebrate the Moon Festival, and it was wonderful to see our Chinese students offering the desserts to students who had not tried them before.

We had a few fun activities planned for after the meal. These activities included a heated chopsticks (kuai zi) competition, where participants were required to move jellybeans from one location to another with chopsticks. It was amusing for everyone who took part as well as the onlookers.

After this, we had one of our peer mentors, Jessica (Junwei), who conducted a calligraphy (shu fa) workshop for everyone. She taught our students from a non-Chinese speaking background about the characters and got everyone to have a go. At the very end of the evening for those few people left we showed people how to do Chinese knots (Zhong Guo Jie)

We would like to say xie xie to the Confucius Institute for being able to borrow the calligraphy brushes and to the Chinese Dance Academy and Amy for their input. We would also like to thank Diana for coordinating the event, and to Lucinda for the presentation. We appreciate the efforts of Jess for organising the calligraphy, to Alvin for the martial arts, and to Michael and Crispin who were our MCs for the event. We need to say a huge thank you to all of you who come each week. We are so impressed by the response we have received for this semester in the LCE Program.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at Italian Night this coming Friday 12th September!

If you are interested in coming along to our LCE events, head here for more information.

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