LCE Italian Night Write-Up

by Alyse

This was our last event before the holidays, and it was definitely one to remember! We even made an LCE record for the most people to register for an event! The theme of the evening was Italian culture, and so we decorated the room in the colours of the Italian flag – red, white, and green. On different coloured balloons we wrote Italian sayings so that people could try to find someone who knew Italian and ask for the meaning – a good way to make conversation!

Fortunately we had a number of Italian students who helped us out for the evening, and we were incredibly grateful for all of the hard work and planning they did. Michael was our official MC for the night, but soon Andrea took over the role. The schedule began with a stirring rendition of the Italian national anthem (Il canto degli italiani), which was sung loud and proud by our Italian students. We showed a few videos to explain Italian behaviour compared to the rest of Europe, a car advertisement demonstrating the Italian way of life, and one about an Italian going to Malta and being frustrated because people did not understand his accent.

Everyone knows that the Italians are famous for their hand gestures, and so the Italian students ran a couple of skits to demonstrate what different gestures meant in their culture. This ranged from wondering whether a guy or a girl could be a couple to indicating ‘I don’t care’. We showed the video of Dolce and Gabbana male models showing us these different gestures (because we all know how beautiful Italian males are).

Andrea had brought his guitar along to entertain everyone, and by the end most of the audience were swooning due to his dulcet tones.

Our dinner was of course pasta. There was spaghetti topped with bolognaise sauce (which is what we call it in Australia – in Italian it is ragu), vegetarian lasagne to make your mouth water, and a little salad on the side. To complement the main dinner dish, we handed out pieces of bread smeared with Nutella. In true Italian style, the room was loud as everyone shared stories with their food.

After dinner the students all played a game of ruba bandiera where one person holds a piece of material and the other players form two equal lines either side of the leader. Then each of the players on both sides is given a number (uno, due, tre, quattro, cinque, etc.). The leader with the piece of fabric then calls a number and the two people with the same number run to claim the fabric. Everyone had a lot of fun participating and watching as the hilarity ensued.
Unfortunately we had no one to teach us the tarantella, but we nevertheless made sure we danced to our heart’s content. The dances we tried came from all different cultures.

I would like to thank everyone who comes along and makes these events so successful each week! Of course we must congratulate the hard efforts of all our Italian students who helped to plan the event – both Andreas, Laura, Katharina, and Lorenzo. This would not have been possible without you! A thank you to Michael as our MC for the event, but of course also to the volunteers who help every week to set the event up, serve food and to pack up too. Mille grazie!

We do not have an event this coming Friday, and then it will be holidays, but listen out for our next event! In the meantime, enjoy your holidays and stay safe! Buone vacanze!

If you are interested in coming along to our LCE events, head here for more information.

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