LCE Pasar Malam – Malaysian and Singaporean Night Write Up

by Alyse

For this night, Rumours Café had bursts of colour across the room in the decorations that we used to give the room a bit of spark. In an effort to recycle and to reduce the amount of store-bought items, lanterns were handmade from wrapping paper; so too the ketupat were made from ribbon and for the stalls on the night the tools were also made by hand. We think it important to be eco-friendly.

The plan for this night was a little different to the usual – it was set up to run like a night market, as this is what pasar malam is traditionally. Upon entering, each person was given 5 rubber bands. They had to wait until the rules were explained as to the use of these rubber bands. Essentially, the rubber bands were ‘money’ and could be used to play the games and to ‘buy’ a piece of bread covered in kaya (a coconut spread) to taste.

Before all of the stalls came alive, Shakirah and Satya (two of our peer mentors) gave a presentation about Malaysia and Singapore to provide context for the event and to help people understand what would be happening in the evening. If a person was unfortunate enough to run out of rubber bands, they could see the portable ‘bank’ (Michael W).

In one corner of the room, some of our volunteers taught people to play the game of congkak. At first the game may be complicated, but after a couple of tries it becomes easier to understand. In the different stalls, people had the chance to win more rubber bands.

Along the wall, there was a fish-catching game set up. Students had to try to catch a polystyrene fish floating in water. Once they had done this, if the fish had an ‘X’ on the bottom, the player would lose, but if it had another shape (a triangle or square, perhaps), then the game continued. Next door to this stall, the aim was for the players to throw a ping pong ball successfully into one of the targets, which were a mix of buckets and recycled soft drink bottles. It was tricky, but if you had the right knack you could be quite successful in this game.

Eventually, we decided that it was time for dinner. Our stomachs were rumbling and the gnawing sensation had taken over our logic. Fortunately, we had a spicy vegetarian curry and a chicken curry also, both to be accompanied with rice if you wanted. After all, what is an LCE event without some delicious food?

After dinner, the stalls continued but we also played a game of limbo with a string of elastic bands looped together and our volunteers artistically outlined shapes onto people’s bodies with henna. There was also a trivia quiz about Singapore and Malaysia for people to participate in, which was another way to win some elastic bands.

As the night drew to a close, people tried to make sure that they had the most amount of elastic bands possible. Then it was time for our hampers to be awarded to those people who had collected the most rubber bands. Our group prize resembled the Petronas Towers in Malaysia and was filled with pens, Indomie (instant noodles), notebooks, milo, and plenty of other goodies. Congratulations to all our winners!

It was then that the night drew to a close, unfortunately.

I would like to thank all of those who got involved, especially to Elisha for all of his hard work. I’d also like to thank our other organisers: Isabel, Siok Ling, Shakirah, Satya, and Nisheet. We appreciate the hard work of our stall managers also: Rauf, Benjamin, Michael L, Alvin, Brendan, Jessie, Amira, Vincent, Rei, and Farkhan. Terima kasih (thank you!) to Eunice and Darren, and to our other contributors too: Lauren, Ruth, Michael W, Diana G., and Andrew. Last but not least to Louis as well, who brought in some extra decorations (from the Adelaide University Malaysian Students Association).

We appreciate the handiwork on the decorations, the organisation of all of the games, and all of the effort to make it happen. What a great night!

We have our last event this coming Friday. It will be USA Night, and the theme is for Halloween (as it is approaching!). Plan your outfit now, and we hope to see you all dressed up for next week! To learn more about the LCE progrm, visit the LCE Website.

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