LCE Halloween/USA Night Write Up

by Alyse

This was our final event of what has been a very successful year! While it was charged as usual with excitement, there was also a touch of sadness that it was our last LCE night for 2014!

As the 31st of October is the night of Halloween, we decided to focus our celebrations on that. We decorated the room with a few spooky paper skulls and some carved Jack-o-Lanterns, and we had everything ready to make it a night to remember.

To start our evening, our USA volunteers shared their experiences of Halloween with us. They told us of spooky tours, of people running around on the night with chainsaws, and about other traditions that they would celebrate.

Next, everyone was invited to participate in our dance competition. T-shirts were to be awarded as prizes for the winning team. Each team had to come up with a dance routine to the music of Thriller (of a maximum of 30 seconds – we weren’t that mean that we made them do the whole song). Three of our American judges were in charge of scoring. It ended up being like a reality television show. Congratulations to Team Minion, who were given top points and took out the competition!

Our dinner consisted of burgers and fries. Admittedly it wasn’t particularly healthy, but it definitely tasted great! It was possible to choose a vegetarian, beef, or chicken patty and then add different salads or condiments as desired.

It wouldn’t have been a proper Halloween party if we hadn’t bobbed for apples. For those who are unaware, this is where you have to stick your head in a bucket of water and try to remove apples without using your hands but purely your mouth. Safe to say, those who participated got quite wet. There were some who looked like they could be national champions, whereas others were quite clearly not so suited to the ‘sport’ (I am included in the latter category).

It was then time for the mummy race. This was not an opportunity for students to run with their mothers, but rather a sort of dress up idea. Each team would be given a few rolls of toilet paper and would then have to ‘mummify’ their designated runner. Once all of the toilet paper was used and the person was effectively covered, he or she had to run to the other side of the room and back whilst trying to keep as much of the paper intact as possible. It was certainly amusing to watch people participate in such a ridiculous activity.

To finish the night, we had our American volunteers stand by the doors with containers of ‘candy’ (in Australia we say lollies). In order to get some candy, an individual had to say ‘trick or treat’ and would then have to tell a joke as well to be rewarded. The rest of the evening dissolved into chatter between those who were left and our usual dancing. We tried Thriller again and soon realised that no one can dance better than Michael Jackson.

This event would not have been possible without the support of a few key people. First of all, we would like to thank Jessie and Lynaea for all of their hard work as primary organisers. The help from Jordan Parra, Haley, Raelea, Kelsey, Tom, Jordan Perry, and Amy was also invaluable to the success of the evening as well. Thanks so much to these guys! Also thank you to the spooky skeleton Diana as our event coordinator, and to Michael for doing a fantastic job as emcee, as usual. And of course thank you to the constant work of our LCE mentors.

Honestly, this year has been a really fantastic one for LCE and it is definitely due to the people coming along each and every week. We have loved hosting all of you and the enthusiasm on your faces when we see you on Friday nights! It is actually my last time coordinating this semester, as I graduate at the end of this year, but it has been the hugest pleasure working with people from many different cultures and all the LCE volunteers.

All the best for exams and what lies ahead in life!

Do not forget that if you are here next year, you do need to RE-REGISTER for LCE.

The application form can be found at the link here:


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