Ask ‘R U OK?’

R U OK? Day is an Australian national day of action on second Thursday of September (10 September 2015). It reminds us that how simple conversation with our family and friends can have an effect in life.

4 steps to support someone going through a tough time

  1. Ask R U OK?
    • Start a conversation somewhere private
    • Build trust through open and relaxed body language
    • Ask open–ended questions
  2. Listen without judgement
    • Give them time to reply
    • Avoid solving their problems
    • Don’t trivialize what they’re feeling
  3. Encourage action
    • Summarise the issues
    • Ask them what they plan to do
    • Urge them to take one step towards that solution
  4. Follow up
    • Put a note in your diary to call them in one week
    • Listen without judgement again
    • Ask if they’ve managed to take that first step.

If someone denies their problem, then they are probably not ready to talk; so it is better to check in with them soon. Remember, it is okay to say, “I am not okay!”

Also, remember there are several help around, one of them being UniThrive, which helps yourselves or others to boost the performance at the University and have fun.

For more information on ‘R U OK?’ Day, please visit the website.

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