Oz Asia Festival 2015

It is a good chance to celebrate this with your family and friends during the mid-semester break!

Oz Asia Festival is Australia’s leading International Arts Festival, presenting the best theater and visual arts, dance, film and music from across Asia as well as our many exciting international and national collaborations. This year the OZ Asia Festival is going to be conducted between Thursday 24 September and Sunday 04 October 2015 at the Adelaide Festival Center.

Please refer to the website for events happening in this season.

As a part of Oz Asia Festival, the Moon Lantern Festival is celebrated this year on Sunday 27 September 2015 between 4 pm and 8:30 pm at the Elder Park. Moon Lantern Festival is another name for the Mid-Autumn Festival, which is an official harvest festival traditionally celebrated by Chinese and Vietnamese. It started as early as 16th to 10th century BCE in the Shang Dynasty. Today, it is celebrated across Asia.

An important part of the festival is the carrying of colorful and brightly lit lanterns. This tradition has evolved over the centuries, sometimes having riddles written on them for people to solve. At OzAsia Festival’s Moon Lantern Festival, they are for all to enjoy and celebrate this cultural event with. To round off this event, there will be Fireworks display at the end. Please refer to this website for more information on Moon Lantern Festival.

Enjoy and take the time to discover and celebrate this Festival while you are in Adelaide!

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