Me ‘N Me Mates – Australian Songs and Stories

”Me ‘N Me Mates” is a refreshing collection of Australian music and story-telling; which includes traditional and contemporary songs and humorously spoken words. It is an authentic celebration of Australia’s rich heritage in language and humor with an energy that engages audiences of all ages and tastes.

Me ‘N Me Mates have performed all across Australia in different festivals and venues. They bring out the well known traditional and country songs about the weather, dogs, drinking, convicts, bush rangers and they perform original works, thereby bringing a contemporary approach to traditional material.

Here is the invite for you to watch a live performance that is going to be video recorded for 45 minutes on Wednesday 04 May from 7 pm at Adelaide Center for Arts in Light Square. Registration is essential and only limited seats are available. To reserve a place, please contact Christopher John at or phone 0413 533 118.

Check out their website for more information.

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