Global Village Event

Global Village is a unique global cultural celebration organised by AIESEC South Australia but also occurs globally as AIESEC is present in 126 countries and territories and celebrates traditions from all over the world. The purpose of Global Village is to promote peace and build connections across nations. AIESEC is the International Association of Students in Economics and Management.

Global Village Event in Adelaide will be organised by AIESEC – South Australia on Wednesday 14th September 2016 between 11am – 3pm, at the Maths Lawns in the University of Adelaide. The event will be featuring performances such as traditional music, songs, and dances: featuring the Multicultural Youth SA, Tasha Zappala and Yiyang. In Global Village, it is recommended to try a new traditional dish you have never experienced or feel the taste of home.

On the 14th of September come & enjoy yourself with entertaining events, at Maths Lawns and do not forget to invite your friends! You will get to explore the countries that you would like to travel to. Don’t forget, AIESEC provides opportunities for exchange programs throughout different countries thanks to the Global Citizen volunteer and the Global Talent internship program.

Log on to website for more information on volunteering and internship exchange programs. For more information on the Global Village Event on campus on 14th September, please refer to the Facebook event page.

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