OZ Asia Festival 2016

OZAsia Festival is Australia’s Premier International Arts Festival focusing on Asia. In 2016, the OZ Asia Festival will be new, revamped and refreshed, including a twist on the much-loved Moon Lantern Festival. The program features the finest theatre, dance, music, film, talks and visual arts that Asia has to offer.The Festival Patron for OzAsia Festival is The Honourable Hieu Van Le AO, Governor of South Australia.

2016 OZAsia Festival will be from 17 September – 02 October 2016. For program calendar and more information on the OZAsia Festival, please refer to the website.

Hear from one of our student, Shrompy – on what she has to say on the OZAsia Festival;

OZAsia Festival

By Shrompy

“I just went to OzAsia Engage (1 September, Nexus Arts) where I heard more about the programs from the Program Director, Joseph Mitchell. He suggested some shows like Split Flow & Holistic Strata by Hiroaki Umeda which is normally sold out overseas,  As if to Nothing by an award-winning best-in-their-country City Contemporary Dance Company (Hong Kong) and Two Dogs (a play by Meng JingHui) that is unique with their improvisation which are all having their Australian Premiere. You also have an option of buying a cheaper ‘bundle’ ticket—The Director’s Ticket which lets you watch a couple of shows at a cheaper price. For attendees at the OzAsia Engage, you can also get a cheaper price for 3 shows.

For those who do not have the financial means to watch the shows, there are many free events like the Outdoor Concert Series at Elder Park features music from Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, India, Hong Kong, Korea, Australia (Papua New Guinea), Cambodia, Malaysia, Australia (traditional language of the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara people), and Taiwan over many genres like folk, blues, rock, folk-rock, electronic, classical, traditional, world, pop and synth-pop. There are also other events like the OzAsia Moon Lantern Festival, Good Fortune Market and various Art Exhibitions.

Why not come down and find out what Asia has to offer in the selection of performances that grace the Festival this year? Or hit the Good Fortune Market for some nostalgic food that you miss from your home country.    Go to the OzAsia website for more information.”

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