Thrilling Soccer Match: Adelaide United versus Jeju United

Are you thinking about watching your first Soccer match Live!? Here is what one of our student had to say, about their live Soccer match experience!

by Shrompy

“Utilising Study Adelaide’s offer, I watched Adelaide United’s soccer match against Jeju United at Hindmarsh Stadium on 15 March 2017.

The first half of the game was slow and uneventful. Players scuttled like crabs, from the left to the right and back again, as the ball was passed sideways and seldom forwards.

However, the game became extremely exciting and tense in the second half. Maybe it was due to the remaining adrenaline, having been saved by a friend from a wayward soccer ball that was kicked by an Adelaide player and flew straight at my head, but not soon after that happened, Adelaide scored the first goal at 51 minutes. We cheered frantically. However, Jeju scored one too, just barely 10 minutes later, and I screamed wildly with another friend, who is a Jeju supporter. Then came a tit-for-tat scoring as we sat perched on our seats, our eyes glued to the field—just 2 minutes after Jeju scored their second goal, Adelaide came back with their second goal too; and with only 7 minutes remaining in the match, Jeju scored their third goal, but Adelaide bounced back and leveled the score just 1 minute later! The final score was a 3-3 draw at full time.

It was the most exciting match I have seen Adelaide United play! Watching soccer live at a stadium is an out-of-the-world experience—you can see the players up-close and might even have the chance to touch the ball if it comes flying into the stands!

This match is part of the Asian Champion’s League (ACL), which is in its third week, as of 16 March 2017.  I previously watched Adelaide play against Gamba Osaka in the ACL, in which Gamba Osaka won the match with 3 goals to none. There seems to be two another matches scheduled for Adelaide United against Gamba Osaka and Jeju United in the next few months.

Soccer fans or not, I encourage you to watch a live match at least once in your life.

Enjoy the game!

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