Scam Alert

Students from China should be aware of a scam, which involves con artists pretending to be Chinese embassy or consulate officials, and falsely telling students they are implicated in crimes back in China. Students are then used to extort money from their families back home.

Remember, always be careful about phone calls or emails from people claiming to work for your embassy, or asking you for money – if you’re unsure whether a particular communication is genuine, you can always speak to International Student Support.

More information

  • You can read more about this particular scam in this news article from SBS
  • Find out about some common other scams, and how to protect yourself from them, at Insider Guides
  • Visit the Australian Government’s Scamwatch website for up-to-date information about currently circulating scame
  • The University also has a guide to recognising and reporting scams over email



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