Nice to Meet You – Shawna Hooton




Each week, we interview someone from around Adelaide who might be helpful during your time as an international student. This week’s guest:

Shawna Hooton, International Student Advisor
International Student Support

Q: Nice to meet you, Shawna.
A: We actually work together, so this isn’t our first meeting.

Q: Right.
A: But nice to meet you, too.

Q: Thanks. So why do international students come to see you?
A: All sorts of reasons! When there’s a personal issue affecting your study, a financial issue, issues with your housing, scholarship questions…

Q: So anytime something goes wrong?
A: Well, anytime there’s an unexpected challenge.

Q: What does a meeting with an International Student Advisor look like?
A: It depends. It could be just 15 minutes, a quick chat. Or we could talk for up to an hour. Sometimes it’s just once off, and sometimes I’ll meet with a student a few times.

Q: Until the challenge is overcome?
A: Hopefully. I’m here to listen, and then I’ll do my best to help – it’s really just a regular conversation. You don’t need to be failing your courses to meet an Advisor. Just any time you have something you’d like to talk about with someone.

Q: Your accent – you sound Canadian.
A: Well, I’m from Canada.

Q: I see. Thanks for the chat!
A: No problem.


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