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Each week, we interview someone from around Adelaide who might be helpful during your time as an international student. This week’s guest:

Sara Lane, Sports Development Officer
Adelaide University Sports

What’s the most Aussie sport of all time, do you think?
That’s a bit of a hard question. It would either be AFL, Cricket or Netball….But maybe it should be AFL, as it stands for Aussie Rules Football!

What sports do you play?
I enjoy lots of sports. In the past I have played netball, in summer I do Surf Boat Rowing as part of my Surf Life Saving Club and I also enjoy heading to the gym, running and swimming.

What sorts of sports are there at Adelaide uni? Is there anything unique?
We have 36 different sport clubs including Soccer, Cricket, Swimming, Tennis, Water ski, Karate, Motorsport, Gymnastics and Mountain just to name a few. (The full list is available on our website.)

Fun fact: All of our clubs are known as ‘The Blacks’ and our oldest club is the AU Boat Club which was established in 1881!

And why are the clubs called ‘The Blacks’?
The origin of why we are known as ‘The Blacks’ is not clear, but the story goes that ‘back in the day’ (ie sometime in the early 1900’s) the University’s Lacrosse team was playing Melbourne University in an Intervarsity competition. Melbourne Uni was wearing blue unforms and our team was waring black. The cries of ‘Go Blacks!’ could be heard on the sidelines.

What sorts of regular sports events are there?
AU Sport runs a number of events that people can get involved with. This semester there is the City – Bay (a community fun run/walk); IFAR, where lots of activities which will be held on the Barr Smith Lawns; and represented opportunities like the VC Cup, SA Challenge and Nationals.

There is also the Fitness Hub which is the on Campus Gyms at North Adelaide, Waite and Roseworthy. There you can jump on a bike, lift some weights, join a class or have a PT session with one of the trainers

If I want to join a sport, how do I do it?
If you want to join a club, you will need to talk to the club committee first. Most offer ‘come and trys’, or trials, before you need to commit. For information about each club head to the AU Sport website or ask the one of the staff at AU Sport. To get involved with one of our upcoming events check out the website or AU Sport’s Facebook page for more information. To join the Fitness Hub, just talk to one of the great gym staff who can explain what is involved.

What if I’m a total beginner?
Totally fine. Our club’s offer something for everyone. Most have elite, competitive, beginner and social programs.

Some have dedicated beginner programs like the AU Boat Clubs. Others, like the AU Water Ski Club or Ultimate Club have really friendly members and coaches who will provide you with tips and coaching to help learn the sport.

How would you explain cricket to international students?
It’s a bit like baseball but not really. It’s a bat-and-ball game played between two teams where one team is trying to get the batsman from the other team out. They can do this by knocking over their ‘wicket’, bowling them out or catching the ball off of their hit. It can be played on an over or even better, in your backyard, at the park or the beach.


For more information about AU Sports, see:
Ground Floor, George Murray Building | Gate 10, Victoria Drive | University of Adelaide SA 5005
P: (08) 8313 5403 | W: | E:
Facebook: Adelaide University Sport – The Blacks

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