Top Tips: Staying on task

Each week, we ask the International Peer Mentors their tips for successful online study. This week’s question:

“What tools do you use to stay on task?”

Noise-cancelling headphones & ambience music – if that counts! Otherwise, having multiple desktops open is a good method to separate work stuff and other stuff
– Angela

I use a Pomodoro app! It’s called ‘Focus To-Do’. It gives me rewards after every 25 minutes in the form of growing a virtual plant 🌲🌿, but what I love about it is that there are groups where you can join and focus with people around the world! 💁‍♀️❤️🌏
– Laura

I use a mixture of different tools. I use journaling to help me reflect on my day (so I know how to do better the next day) . I religiously plan out my day/week (down the to minute) – and I also plan my breaks out e.g : 1-2pm lunch and 2-2-30pm relaxation . So I don’t get too tired or accidentally neglect my relaxation time.
– Yeganeh

I make a list everyday of things I want to get done and then cross them off when I finish. I also find having quite instrumental music in the background helps me focus ☺️
– Ali

Caffeine. A chemical tool. So effective
– Ahmed

Usually, I choose small tasks and then give myself an award for every completed tasks. For example: if I complete reading of 5 research papers, I will go and dance Zumba for 1 hour by following Youtube tutorials 🙂

A stool! I feel like sitting on a stool helps me study better compared to sitting on a super comfy chair 😆! Stool makes you sit up straight, improve your body posture, and because it’s not comfortable, my mind will always be reminded that I have to focus and stay on my task😂😂!! It sounds strange, but it works for me 😁
– Lucia

I prepare a list of tasks I need to do the previous night.. and evertime I complete a task.. I take a break and either listen to a song or take a short walk.. and also Cook in between.. it helps to keep me stress free and not over pressurise myself..

1.Some energetic background music / Instrumental music.
2. Deep breathing/ meditation/ relaxation in breaks.
3. A refreshing chai/tea/ cofee 🙂
– Pratik


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