Top Tips: Exam Preparation

Each week, we ask international and domestic students their tips for successful online study. This week’s question:

“What’s the best method for revising for exams?”

I love using flash cards to memorise difficult theories and highlighters to highlight key points/definitions .
– Yeganeh

For more complex processes I find teaching it to someone else who doesnt know about it consolidates it in your memory😁
– Yasmine

Starting early and learn few things at a time, avoid cramming everything, and have a good night sleep.
– Trifena

I make notes while going through the lecture videos and highlight the key words using highlighter.. when revising for exams, I go through those key words which refreshes my memory about that particular topic!
– Tannu

I love to prepare ‘short important notes’ which I could summarise and read only before the exam time. 🙂
– Pratik

Best way for revising for exams is doing as many past paper questions as possible. Also a meetup with your course mates and running through their doubts and solving them and vice versa. In that way you are revising and also helping someone understand concepts better.

If you haven’t done an open-book exam before, the most important thing is to know your notes! It’s not enough to simply have notes – make sure to highlight them, organise them, and even make mini-notes on your content page(s). Your notes are what could make or break you.
– Victoria

I believe in discussing the topics with my friends to test my knowledge. And when cross questioning takes place it makes me more confident for any topic. I also keep myself hydrated by drinking plenty of water and in this winter season you may never feel thirsty, but your brain needs water to produce its best.


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