Sonder Safety and Wellbeing App

University of Adelaide students with an Allianz Care OSHC policy, you have free access to health and wellbeing support from Sonder.

Through Sonder, you can access confidential safety and wellbeing support 24/7. You can access support through chat, or over the phone, and connect with nurses and wellbeing experts. In the app, there are also functions to:

  • track your journey and ensure you get to your destination safely
  • check in on you if you’re meeting someone new or going somewhere unfamiliar
  • get safety notifications about dangerous situation nearby and important information like changes to covid restrictions
  • provide multilingual support
  • browse resources on help topics including stress, medical advice, scam warnings

To access Sonder:

  1. Download Sonder app from your preferred app store
  2. Click ‘new user’
  3. Enter the email address you provided to Allianz when purchasing your policy
  4. Enter your details and you’ll be asked to create a password

If you have any trouble activating your account contact Sonder via 1800-UR-SAFE (1800 877 233).


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