Research project seeking international student participation

Stuck in/out of SA/Australia during COVID-19?

A UoA Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) student is seeking to interview international students for her research project. The project aims to better understand student experiences of border closures during COVID-19.

Help us understand student experiences of border closures during COVID-19. Participate in an interview and help us identify ways to better support students impacted by border closures in the future.

The researcher is looking for :

  • current students at the University of Adelaide (2022) with experiences of being locked out of (or into) South Australia or Australia (or both) during the COVID-19 pandemic border closures
  • including: experiences with transition to university, deferring university, and/or studying while impacted by border closures
  • excluding: having to cancel a recreational holiday interstate or overseas, if you are under 18, if you are not proficient in English, or if you are not currently living in Australia.

Email your expression of interest to to participate.

(School of Psychology’s Human Research Ethics Subcommittee Approval: #22/31)

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