Contribution Guidelines

The ISS Newsletter aims to keep international students informed of events and issues of interest. Would you like to contribute something to our Newsletter? Please get in touch!

If you would like to contribute to our Newsletter, please read these Guidelines carefully:


  • The Newsletter is published weekly, throughout the semester teaching weeks (March – June, August – October)
  • Your writing may be edited by International Student Support prior to publication
  • Due to space and time considerations, not all submissions can be published immediately
  • Content may be rejected if it is deemed to be offensive or of poor quality
  • If content is rejected, our editorial staff will try to work with you to improve the piece for publication – but publication cannot be guaranteed
  • Post can be written in two formats: newsletter (up to 40 words), and blog (up to 400 words), and ideally contain images
  • Students must be willing to have their material posted on our blog and in our weekly Newsletter
  • Due to sensitivity to other students’ beliefs, we may not be able to publish submissions related to religious or political events and activities
  • We are unable to advertise events not suitable for under-18 students (e.g. pub crawls)
  • We are unable to advertise businesses, products, real estate, etc.
  • By submitting material you grant permission to the University to reproduce, distribute, and communicate the material for the University’s educational, staff development, or promotional purposes (including but not limited to the University’s website and social media sites, promotional and marketing materials and student recruitment activities)
  • Publication of all material is at the sole discretion of International Student Support staff

For Events

  • If you would like to publish information about an upcoming event, please include all details about the event, such as time, date, place, price, etc.
  • You are required to disclose if you have any role in the event you are writing about (eg, if you are an event organiser, employee, or volunteer)

* We reserve the right to alter these guidelines at any time