International Committee of the Red Cross and RUMLAE podcast on armed conflict in Outer Space

RUMLAE Director, Professor Dale Stephens participated in a podcast that was hosted by the International Committee of the Red Cross on the issue of the growing militarization of Outer Space and the application of International Humanitarian Law to regulate potential armed conflict.  Professor Stephens is joined by Professor Peter Hays of George Washington University and the podcast was conducted by Ms Tracey Begley of the Washington DC office of the ICRC.  The nature of US space operations and the threats that are emerging within this potential theatre of operations are canvassed in this revealing podcast.  Reference is also made to the MILAMOS Manual –  a joint effort between Adelaide Law School and McGill University (Montreal) to articulate the rules that apply to the conduct of operations within outer space.  The MILAMOS Manual involves Adelaide Law School (and RUMLAE members), Prof Dale Stephens, Prof Melissa de Zwart, Assoc Prof Matthew Stubbs and Ms Stacey Henderson.

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