Law School Fellow Wins 2011 Fulbright Scholarship

A research fellow in the University of Adelaide’s Law School has won a prestigious Fulbright Scholarship to study in the United States.

Dr Clare Sullivan has been named the 2011 Fulbright South Australia Scholar, which will enable her to spend four months at George Washington University to conduct research into the nature of digital identity.

Dr Sullivan has practised law for 30 years and has published widely on the relationship between the law, identity and changing technology. She has international experience in private practice, teaching law, and has been a research analyst with the Australian Institute of Criminology and a consultant to its Global Electronic and Economic Crime Unit.

Through her Fulbright, Dr Sullivan will examine whether the digital identity that people use for transactions online is emerging as a new legal concept in the US and if so, what the legal nature of digital identity is and how it can be legally protected. Read on…

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