The Hon Dr John Bannon Newly Appointed Chair of the National Archives of Australia Advisory Council

The Adelaide Law School wishes to congratulate the Honourable Dr John Bannon AO on his recent appointment as Chair of the National Archives of Australia Advisory Council.  Dr Bannon is an Adjunct Professor of the Adelaide Law School specialising in constitutional history and Federal/State relations.  Dr Bannon joins the Adelaide Law School Dean, Professor John Williams, as a member of the Advisory Council.

The Advisory Council provides advice to the Minister and the Director-General of the Archives on matters that relate to the functions of the Archives. Dr Bannon said:

“My association over several years with the National Archives, my love of history, and extensive experience in public service will all help me to make a contribution to the important work of the Archives. Not only does the Archives maintain the records created by Australian government agencies, but it plays a significant role in ensuring that Australians throughout the Commonwealth have access to a national archive that assists them to understand their own heritage and democracy. It is a very good time to be involved in the National Archives as it is working to co-locate offices with State Records agencies and improve access to the public. Meeting the challenge of digitisation of old and new materials is also a high priority.”

Dr Bannon also served as the Premier of South Australia from 1982-1992.

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