Seminar: When Are You Dead? Brain Death and Organ Donation

When are you dead? You might think that everyone knows the answer to this question but it’s not quite as simple as it seems. Brain death is a concept that most people find difficult to grasp and yet it is central to the donation of organs. What is brain death? How do families cope with it in the context of organ donation?

What are the legal and ethical issues? What about recipients? A panel of experts will explore these curly issues and more in a fascinating discussion about brain death and organ donation.

DATE Tuesday, 14 June
TIME 6-7:30pm
LOCATION Science Exchange, 55 Exchange Place, Adelaide
SPEAKERS Philippa Jones, Samantha McDonnell, Stewart Moodie, Stephan Orr, Bernadette Richards (The University of Adelaide) and Sally Tideman

The seminar is free to attend however you need to register at the RIAUS website.

Bernadette Richards has worked at the University of Adelaide for a number of years and her research focus is in the area of tort law in general with a specific focus on medical law and ethics. Her current research focus sits at the nexus of ethics and the law in the context of medical treatment, with a particular emphasis on consent to medical treatment.

In association with DonateLife SA.


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