Dr Peter Burdon to present at ‘Earth Jurisprudence: Building Theory and Practice’ conference

Dr Peter BurdonFrom the 16-18 September Dr Peter Burdon will be speaking at ‘Earth Jurisprudence: Building Theory and Practice’ at Griffith University. He will present on the theory of Earth Jurisprudence and the development of an ecocentric theory of private property. He will also launch a recently edited collection of papers entitled Essays in Wild Law: The Theory of Earth Jurisprudence (Wakefield Press, 2011). Earth Jurisprudence is an emerging theory of law, which proposes that we rethink our legal and political systems to make sure they support, rather than undermine, the integrity and health of the Earth. This conference aims to create a space for the rigorous development of international and Australian doctrine with a specific focus on legislative reform. The conference is the third consecutive conference in this research area and follows the first Australian conference organised by Dr Burdon in 2009.

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