Law School Works Toward a More Sustainable Building

In 2011 the Adelaide Law School formed a sustainability committee consisting of Dr John Gava, Paul Leadbeter and DR Peter Burdon to investigate ways Adelaide Law School could reduce its ecological footprint. To begin this task, the committee engaged the services of Ecoversity – the Universities own sustainability program to conduct a ‘sustainability assessment’ of the Ligertwood building. The results of this assessment were informative and found that in 2011 the Ligertwood building consumed 744,163 kWh of electricity. This electricity consumption led to the production of 522 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Following this assessment we put together an application under the Universities inaugural Green Loan Find. This is a $100,000 initiative by the Office of Sustainability to provide capital for projects that reduce the University’s environmental impact. Adelaide Law School’s sustainability committee put together an application for $10,000 to fund the following projects:
Installation of occupancy sensors in 5 tutorial rooms on the second and third floor of Ligertwood building; Installation of window film on six offices and test the effectiveness of the film in retaining heat/blocking glare. If successful this test may result in a future Green Loan application to fund window film for the entire building; retrofit drink fountains on levels two and three with a filtered tap & refurbish the tap in level three-kitchen; and installation a low-energy LED screen in the foyer of the law school. Alongside Adelaide Law School messages, this screen will be used to promote energy-saving and green office tips, data relating to energy use and other sustainability-related information.

On 30 October 2012 the Adelaide Law School’s sustainability committee presented their application at a University Green Loan Showcase event and subsequently received full funding for the project.

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