Study Tour – Day 4 and the German Constitution

Day 4 23 November 2012
Authored by Emily Gore and Katie Aust

After a jam-packed week of site visits and lectures, we welcomed the chance for a sleep in and late breakfast. The girls of course took our free morning as a chance to hit the shops, as did the boys with a bit of persuading. H&M, Zara and Mango were very welcoming of the law students on the study tour. Despite having to return to lectures at the EBS law school in the afternoon, the visual stimulation still continued. Who knew that German public law could be so interesting or attractive?

Professor Dr. Andreas Dehio captured our attention with the German Constitution and examples of how it works in practice, such as the role that human dignity can play in hostage situations and adult entertainment. Our lecture was punctuated by a meeting with EBS law students, who enlightened us with tales of 60 hour study weeks and 5 hour final exams. Suddenly studying law in Adelaide didn’t seem so bad! Back to Dr. Desirable… we mean Dehio. The lecture proved to be useful in providing a comparison between the Australian and German law systems, both with similar Federal structures but different human rights protections. It even turned out that we were able to teach our lecturer some interesting facts about Australia, as a quick pre-lecture search of Wikipedia had not provided all the answers. Indeed, many of our lecturers have been surprised by the missing express constitutional protections of rights. Some of the girls were saddened by the end of the lecture, so a group photo was in order to preserve the memory. Revelling in the fact that we were still wide-awake at 6:30, the group progressed to dinner at the local establishments and looked forward to the next adventure.

Group Photo:
Group Photo

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