Study Tour: Day 8 – International Criminal Court

Day 8 29 November 2012
Authors: Khalee Field and Ruth Olive

Today started with the much-anticipated visit to the International Criminal Court, or the ICC as it is more commonly known. After a brief introduction to the Court a presentation was given by an assistant trial lawyer. This was particularly
interesting for the group, as it focused on the various cases within the jurisdiction of the ICC. We received a tour of the renovated car park (in which the ICC is housed!), and were fortunate to visit one of the court rooms. Sitting behind
bullet proof glass, we were surprised to be situated only metres from where the witness would be sitting during a trial.

The afternoon consisted of a visit to one of The Hague’s most affluent suburbs, where the residence of the Australian Ambassador to the Netherlands is situated. We were cordially greeted by the butler, ushered into the formal dining room
and then welcomed by the Ambassador. This was followed by an interactive session with two diplomats, Todd Quinn and Cary Scott-Kemmis. It was a great opportunity for the students to ask questions regarding foreign affairs and international relations. The group was also treated to an afternoon tea consisting of tasty brownies that fortunately were not of the Amsterdam kind! The dining room was spectacular, furnished with a twenty-person table so highly polished that it was difficult for glasses to remain stationary! Before leaving, we were given a tour and brief history of the residence. Interestingly, the tapestries covering multiple walls of the residence survived Nazi Germany by being hidden in drainpipes and buried in the ground.

In the evening, the students shared dinner with Adelaide Law School alumni currently residing in The Hague. We were privileged to hear stories of their experiences and are grateful to the University of Adelaide for providing this invaluable opportunity.

International Criminal Court Group photo



Visit to the Australian Ambassador to the Netherlands residence
Ambassador to Netherlands

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