Congratulations to Nicole Lederer and Beth Nosworthy

Adelaide Law School’s Dean is very pleased to announce that two colleagues have now had good news on their PhDs.

Nicole Lederer’s PhD on comparative affirmative action systems has been approved by the Examiners and she is in the final days of completing the paperwork. We have been privileged to have Nicole with us and she has established a pathway for our German students to do the PhD following the Masters. Congratulations!

Beth Nosworthy has also had the good news that her PhD on director’s duties has been passed by her examiners. This is wonderful news and will add to the excitement of 2013.

I would wish to congratulate the supervisors of our students. One thing that is clear to all is that there is much support provided by fellow students and colleagues who read Chapters, encourage or cajole the candidate along the road. I thank all those who assisted Nicole and Beth to this great conclusion.

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