Corporate Law Teachers’ Association Conference

In February three of our Corporate Law teachers; Associate Professor Christopher Symes, Dr Suzanne LeMire and Beth Nosworthy attended the annual Corporate Law Teachers’ Association conference hosted by the Centre for Commercial Law at ANU College of Law. The conference theme on Progressive Possibilities provided an opportunity for examining alternative visions for regulation that promote accountability, fairness and democracy. Dr LeMire presented her research in a paper “ASIC and the ‘Duty of Fairness’: A Regulatory Dilemma” and later all three Adelaide academics presented their joint research in a paper “Expertise is the new Game: Obligations on Corporate Managers in Solvent and Insolvent Companies.” This paper combined their varied interests of fiduciaries, governance, ‘gatekeepers’, directors and insolvency practitioners. The conference commenced with a Teaching Roundtable and Dr LeMire and Ms Nosworthy were two of the five ‘Contributors’ who led the discussion on their reflections on teaching Corporate Law. One highlight of the conference was the tribute to Emeritus Professor Harold Ford who died in 2012.
Next February Adelaide Law School has been selected to host this conference.


Photo: Associate Professor Chris Symes, Dr Suzanne LeMire and Ms Beth Nosworthy

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