Adelaide and Flinders Law Schools Debate at Finlaysons on Cyber war

On 21 May at 5.30pm, as part of Law Week, an Adelaide University Law School team comprising Sarah Grant and Raffaele Piccolo (supported by Meaghan Kostecki) will debate a team from Flinders University Law School in the Finlaysons Boardroom (Level 12, 81 Flinders street) on the question of whether the existing rules of International Humanitarian Law are adequate to deal with the rising phenomenon of cyber warfare. The Adelaide team will be taking the negative position, thus arguing that the current framework is not adequate. The event is sponsored by both the Red Cross and Finlaysons. The event promises to be a rich engagement of ideas in a rapidly developing area of warfare and a strong turnout from Adelaide staff, students and alumni would be greatly encouraged.

Bookings for this event are essential and contact details are provided on the flyer

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2 Responses

  1. Aude says:

    Dear Kerrin,

    I am a student from the University of Edinburgh and I am actually writing a long paper on the topic of cyber warfare and International Humanitarian Law. Your post relating to the debate which took place on 21 May thus really interests me.

    I was therefore wondering if there was a written summary of the debate?

    Thanks a lot for your answer

    (University of Edinburgh)

    • Kerrin says:

      Dear Aude, apologies for the late response. You can contact Professor Dale Stephens ( for further information on this topic.
      Kind regards,