Congratulations to our Academics for securing University Interdisciplinary Research Funding

Last week the DVC(R) announced the outcomes of the University Interdisciplinary Research Funding round. The Faculty of the Professions secured 2 IDRF grants of $20,000 each. Sincere congratulations to the following members of the Faculty for their success in this round:

• A/Prof Veronica Soebarto (Architecture) and A/Prof Paul Babie (Law), ‘Scoping study for crime prevention through environmental design in SA’ (Project with HuMSS)
• A/Prof Alex Reilly (Law) and Dr Joanna Howe (Law), ‘Conditions of work of temporary labour migrants in regional Australia and the influence of these conditions on their mobility and permanent settlement outcomes’ (Project with HuMSS)

Sincere thanks for all of the effort expended by those members of the Faculty who prepared and submitted applications.

Professor Christopher Findlay
Executive Dean
Faculty of the Professions

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