2013 Teaching Report now available

The Annual Learning and Teaching Report 2013 is now available online.

The length of this document is amply justified by the breadth and number of ways, by which the Law School facilitates learning for all our students, enhancing their wider law school experience and at the same time, contributing to our own professional development and that of our sessional staff, in the quest to maintain excellence and be at the cutting edge of best practice. It is noteworthy that 2013 brought with it two new areas of activity. First, we welcomed into our fold staff from the Business Law section of the School of Commerce, and with it came their courses and students at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, which are delivered across a range of programmes in the University. Secondly, we implemented a venture with the Law Society of South Australia to offer the Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice, and 2013 saw the first of our graduates with both the LLB and GDLP on their transcript. Neither have we been content to terminate our learning involvement once students graduate. Our Continuing Professional Development programme also took off, with a series of popular breakfast seminars for lawyers and other professionals engaged with the law.

Our students can engage via the range of domestic and international activities, beyond the traditional classroom, within our programmes. The opportunities for involvement in law reform, review editing, clinical legal programme, mooting, internships which take students into the community and into organisations either locally, interstate or overseas, as well as our international study tour, all took place within our undergraduate programme. In addition, the Lex Salus and Next Steps initiatives as well as online professional practice materials are just some of the ways we have gone beyond the curriculum in catering holistically for our students’ learning and their career readiness.

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