Canadian Students Moving to Adelaide to Study Law

The Adelaide Law School offers Canadian university graduates a seamless transition into the study of law in Australia. Because of Australia and Canada’s shared Common Law heritage, students are able to study Law at the University of Adelaide–the Australian Bachelor of Law (LLB) is the equivalent of the Canadian JD. Therefore, upon graduating from the Adelaide Law School and completing the necessary accreditation activities through the Federation of Canadian Law Societies, National Committee on Accreditation (NCA), students that study in Adelaide are eligible to practise Law in Canada. The Adelaide Law School also offers scholarships for Canadian students wanting to move to Adelaide and study Law.

Keep reading to learn about Jackson Taylor’s experience moving from Canada to Adelaide to study Law, or click here for more information.

Studying Law in Adelaide

Written by Jackson Taylor

I have recently moved from Canada to Adelaide to persue my dream of studying Law.

To date, I have had a great time in Adelaide. Before I arrived I definitely had concerns. I was most concerned about being overwhelmed by schoolwork and adjusting to a new country. I have found that the Adelaide Law School and Adelaide as a city have made that transition fairly seamless. It is a very easy city to navigate and there is no shortage of things to keep me occupied during school breaks,. it is known as the ‘Festival State’, and there is always someting to see. I’ve been to a range of  AFL (Australian Football) sporting events, festivals and concerts.

Glenelg Beach

There are also a bunch of great cafes and lunch spots around the city, not to mention the on campus Unibar which is an awesome spot to drink some beers with friends after class!

One big thing I have noticed about the Law School is all the extra help available, and the general caring nature of the professors. It is easy to tell that they all have a strong passion for the legal profession, love to teach, and want to see students excel and reach their true academic potential. There are also peer assisted study sessions every week, and upper year student mentors available to assist in every first year law course. I found these resources to be very helpful in transitioning into Law, which is definitely a very different strain of thinking than anything I have done before (I did my undergraduate degree in political science). The law building is definitely my favourite place to study on campus, and is currently undergoing  renovations to make it an even better place to study and learn.

The Reading Room at the University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide's Library Reading Room

The Adelaide University Law Students Society (AULSS) puts on a few social events throughout the year such as first year drinks night, Law pub crawl, and Law Ball. These are are as fun as they sound, and they’re an excellent way to get know your peers in a non-classroom setting.

When I’m not in the classroom, my favourite thing to do is play golf. I have found some great courses within 45 minutes of the CBD, all of which have very inexpensive green fees for the quality of the courses. I also just got back from Uni Games in Sydney which is a week long sporting event that includes athletes in various sports from the University of Adelaide competing against other universities, with social events every night. It was definitely a great experience, and I would recommend it to anyone coming to Adelaide who is into sports.

As for transitioning back to Canada after my degree, it will take about 6 months to complete extra courses and exams after I graduate to be eligible to write the Bar in Canada. As far as I am aware, this can be done while I am still in Adelaide. As for specific plans for transitioning back, those are still in the works!



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