Study Abroad Opportunities with the Adelaide Law School

The Adelaide Law School provides students with the opportunity to partake in our study abroad program. This has allowed many students to move overseas for either one and two semesters, all whilst gaining credit towards their Adelaide Law degree.

Read below to learn about Brittany Law’s exchange experience at the University of Alberta.

Law School Exchange Brittany Law

Written by Brittany Law

I’m currently on exchange in Edmonton, Canada studying Law at the University of Alberta – and although I’m only one month into my exchange, it has been AWESOME!

In Canada, Law is a graduate degree. So, all the students in my classes have already completed a degree prior to sitting an LSAT exam, in order to be accepted into law school. The classes also seem to be more ‘practical’ here. Although there are closed book exams (eek!) and 10,000 word papers, many of the courses base assignments on visits to the courtroom, ‘field trips’ arranged by the Professors to law firms as well as role-play scenarios in class. So, these courses will definitely make me more prepared and well-practiced for work/life when I return to Australia.

There are also soooo many clubs at the University of Alberta. So far I have joined the Outdoors Club, the Ski and Snowboard Club, the Hide and Seek Club and I also went to the Cheer Team tryouts!
A couple of weeks ago, I went on a trip with the Outdoors Club to Jasper (which is in the Rockie Mountains). The mountains look so surreal – it was amazing!! It had snowed the week prior to the trip, which made the view from the top of our 13km hike even more beautiful. There were also plenty of wildlife (mainly squirrels, deer and elk), which was pretty cool!

The University campus is massive – almost twice the size as the University of Adelaide. The gymnasium is also massive, and even includes an ice-skating rink! They also provide classes for students at a minimal cost – so, I’m currently enrolled in ice-skating lessons and core-strength pilates. Sports are a really big thing here in Canada, especially Ice Hockey and Football. So the University has the Golden Bears and the Pandas teams who compete against other universities throughout the semester.

I’ve noticed a few differences between Canada and Australia. Firstly, quite a few Canadians find the Australian accents difficult to understand, especially the word ‘law’. People would ask me what I am studying at University and I respond with “Law” or that “I’m going to Law School” – and they would have no idea what I just said due to my accent. Aussies pronounce “Law” quite differently to Canadians… This link might help explain what I’m referring to.

Also, apparently there is a law enforced that requires companies to label their products in both English and French. This can get a little confusing when you have the product facing the French side…

The other main difference is that not only do the cars drive on the other side of the road, but they also have to give way to pedestrians all the time. For example, if a car sees me waiting on the side of the road, they will actually come to a stop (even if I’m not at a designated crossing) and let me cross the road.

P.S. I’ve heard from some other Law students that during exam period, the Law School provides dogs for students to pat in order to help them de-stress (**hint hint).

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