Tamsin Paige, Adelaide Law Phd Student, awarded the Endeavour Scholarship and the Visiting Research Fellowship

Tamsin Paige is a PhD Candidate and Teaching Fellow with Adelaide Law School. Her PhD is a qualitative historical examination of the approaches by the permanent five members of the UN Security Council to the concept of ‘threat to the peace’ under Art 39 of the UN Charter. It is hoped that this research will assist in determining if there is any consistency of approach by the Security Council and thus help predict what decisions will be made in the future. Prior to this Tamsin undertook an MPhil at the Australian National University parsing the role of the law in counter piracy operation through two case studies (European colonial expansion, and Somalia since 2007). She obtained her LLB from the University of Technology, Sydney in 2011 and before that she was a pastry chef at some of Sydney’s most prestigious restaurants.

Recently Tamsin was invited to present a portion of her work on counter piracy at the American Society of International Law Midyear Research Forum at Northwestern University in Chicago. This work was very well received by highly regarded international lawyers from all over the world. While she was in Chicago she was awarded the Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship by the Australian Federal Government to fund a one year trip to Columbia Law School in New York where she has been invited to attend as a Visiting Research Fellow. The Endeavour Scholarship and the Visiting Research Fellowship will serve to enhance what already proves to be an exemplary PhD dissertation.

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