POLITICS/LAW UK STUDY TOUR – April 2015 – Day 8 Part I


Day 8 – Part I

 Elizabeth Alvaro


Following a long and rewarding day at Cambridge, a small group of students retired to the local pub for a meal and beverage. Even though much of our discussion, admittedly, surrounded politics, we were surprised to hear Tom claim he had just seen David Cameron walk into the Italian restaurant directly opposite. Incredulous looks all round, we nevertheless decided to investigate.

After a number of trips across the road to “look at the menu” (featuring suspicious glances from what can only be assumed to be MI5 agents), we decided that it was, in fact, Prime Minister David Cameron dining for an evening meal. Not wanting to disturb Mr Cameron during his relaxation time, we decided to wait until he exited the restaurant to seek the coveted “Cameron selfie” and introduce ourselves.

We waited at least a couple of hours in the freezing cold conditions. We got the bartender involved (who, incidentally, was from South Australia) and proceeded with our stake out, supplemented with a few drinks and quite a lot of giggling.

Unfortunately, when Mr Cameron finally exited the restaurant, his bodyguards did a fairly impressive job of keeping away a group of excited university students. Not wanting to be arrested, we did not push our luck, and watched on sadly as he was whisked away. We did, however, take a commemorative photo. Maybe next time!




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