POLITICS/LAW UK STUDY TOUR – April 2015 – Day 8 Part II

Day 8 – Part II

Clem Macintyre & John Williams

Thursday began with a breathless account of the night before… the class heard of a(n almost) chance meeting at a restaurant with David Cameron. We heard that despite best efforts to convince his minders that a group of Adelaide Politics/Law should be allowed to speak to the PM and take some selfies, he managed to escape.

We spent our final day of classes back where we began—in the seminar room at Westminster University. We commenced with some reflections on the lectures we’d heard the day before at Cambridge. Everyone agreed that these were great sessions and they certainly gave us enough material to spend a couple of hours teasing out questions of gender and political leadership as well as exploring some of the complexities of the legal relationships generated by Britain’s membership of the EU.

There was a great sense of lively and open discussion as many of the ideas and debates that we’d heard over the past two weeks informed our final session.

Before finishing we took time to run a quick survey of how we think the election will play out. Everyone wrote down their predictions for the overall election result: who would be PM and what numbers each of the main parties would have. These are now sealed on the “London Tour Vault” and will be revealed when we meet for a reunion in a few weeks time in Adelaide.

The two weeks seems to have gone so quickly! We have learnt so much about the nuances of British politics and about the way that the distinctive characteristics of the British legal system shape these. After assessing our time in London, what is the most striking thing that we learnt? Apparently Britain does not have a written constitution!

Thanks to everyone for making this a great time. We have loved it!

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