PhD Candidate presents paper at the ‘Responsibility to Protect in Theory & Practice’ conference held in Slovenia

On 23 April, Stacey Henderson, PhD Candidate at Adelaide Law School, presented a paper at the Responsibility to Protect in Theory & Practice conference held at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. This biennial conference provides an opportunity for scholars and practitioners from around the world to engage in an interdisciplinary academic debate on the theoretical and practical implications of the concept of the Responsibility to Protect (R2P).

Speakers presented on theoretical issues related to the understanding of the concept, its implementation in crisis situations, and its importance in relation to conflict prevention and rebuilding, as well as examining practical issues by presenting case studies of crisis situations with the potential for R2P consideration. The conference was attended by academics from around the world from the disciplines of law and political science, as well as diplomats and students.

Stacey presented a paper on intercession, a concept and term that she has developed during the course of her PhD study. Stacey’s PhD research focuses on the increasing use of intercession (measures less than force) by the international community consistent with the commitment in the 2005 United Nations World Summit Outcome document to help to protect populations from atrocity crimes. She is supervised by Dr Rebecca LaForgia, Associate Professor Dale Stephens CSM and Associate Professor Matthew Stubbs. Stacey’s conference attendance was funded by the Adelaide Law School and the Adelaide Research Unit on Military Law and Ethics (RUMLAE).

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