Adelaide Law School launches free online course: Cyberwar, Surveillance and Security

This free 6 week online course will commence on May 21, covering topics including national security and surveillance in a global, networked environment. Addressing issues of technology, privacy, international and domestic law, it will be of interest to anyone with a legal or non-legal background wanting to learn more about the internet, hacking, whistleblowing, cyberwar, security and technology. It is taught by Adelaide Law School academics: Prof Melissa de Zwart, Assoc Prof Dale Stephens and Dr Rebecca La Forgia.

There are nearly 10,000 students enrolled in this course so far, involving participants from across the globe.

You may be interested to watch the “Meet the Experts” video, which includes a short snippet of nearly everyone we interviewed:

Click here to view the video

The MOOC includes interviews with:

Professor Jonathan Zittrain | Harvard Law School / Berkman Center for Internet & Society
Bruce Schneier | Security Expert / Berkman Center for Internet & Society
Ben Wizner | ACLU & lawyer for Edward Snowden
Professor Gabriella Coleman | McGill University
Professor Jack Goldsmith | Harvard Law School; Former US Assistant Attorney General, Office of the Legal Counsel
Professor Mike Schmitt | United States War College
Renn Gade | Senior legal counsel, Office of the Director of National Intelligence (US)
Emma Lovett | Cyber Expert
Frank Moorhouse | Author of Australia Under Surveillance
Bret Walker SC | Inaugural Independent National Security Legislation Monitor (INSLM)
Senator Scott Ludlam | Greens member of the Australian Senate

You can learn more about the course and enrol here

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